The Works Progress Administration is an arts and crafts project by Gena and Peter. We are both graphic designers living and working in Chicago. Our apartment/studio is located in the wonderful Logan Square neighborhood. We have been making things for ourselves for years and it is our goal to bring that same passion to the all the items here.

We will do our best to keep at least two collections for sale at a time and we will regularly update our mistakes with one-offs or ideas that couldn't come to fruition due to supplies, cost or laziness. Once a collection is sold out, that is pretty much it. We try to use the whole buffalo of supplies for each project. If you are super-interested in an item in a greater number than we have in the store, let us know and we will do our best. That is all anyone can really ask for anymore.

For now, everything is being sold through Etsy. Once we figure out some more logistics and finish weighing options, we will use paypal or google checkout or something cool like that and you will be able to just buy things right here.

Love, Gena and Peter
TheWorksProgressAdministration at Gmail.com